Brits show solidarity with immigrants. Read beautiful letters supporting Poles in the UK!

Brits show solidarity with immigrants. Read beautiful letters supporting Poles in the UK!

Most of the British population strongly reacted to the incidents of xenophobia directed at Poles living and working in the UK. Read beautiful letters supporting Polish community!

These are just a few letters that we received from Brits touched by the outbreak of xenophobic violence:

I hope our Polish brothers and sisters know that most of us value them and hope they choose to stay. Ignore the stupid few. You are great people to have as part of our country and long may you find a happy home here.


“We are delighted to welcome Poles in the UK”! Read a touching letter from Polish Express reader

It is very rare that I ever feel the need to contact any form of media but on this occasion I must do so. I would like your Polish readers to know that Poles are welcome in the UK now as they have been in the past. My experience with Polish nationals has been universally positive and I would not want a few negative incidents as reported recently to cause concern to Poles living here now or planning to come in the future. It is unfortunate that because negative incidents are not very common when they do happen they are highlighted in the press, this can give an impression of a hostility that does not exist. Polish people have integrated very quickly into British culture and many have married British partners. The Brexit result was about many things, poor communication from the remain camp, misleading information from the leave camp and a feeling that the UK was losing control of it's sovereignty.It was not a indication of ill feeling towards foreign nationals except in a very small mi

Tony Westrop

How Brexit shattered Poles living in the UK. Polish mother responds to the moving letter from Brit Simon Crow

Dear Sir or Madam,

My family and I are extremely sorry about the hate and racist crimes that have followed on from the recent referendum. This is not a true reflection of the Britain I grew up in, but the actions of a very few. We appreciate that the Polish people's hard work and earnestness has greatly contributed to the United Kingdom's growth and our place as the fifth economy in the world.
As far as my family and I are concerned the Polish are more than welcome to come to the UK, make their contribution and enrich our culture. Please inform your readers that this is only the action of a few and does not represent the view of the majority of the population and please do not be disheartened by the awful actions of some people.

Kind regards Hossein

New refugee law comes into force

Dear sir,

I am appalled to hear about Poles feeeling rejected by the Brotish people. Please understand that many of us voted to leave the EU for other reasons. I voted to join the EEC in 1973. I was not given a vote on the Maastricht treaty in 1993 which changed the direction of the community towards political union. Free movement of people, services and goods yes. Central un-accountable bureaucratic rule from Brussels no. Please print this to re-assure Poles and others that they are welcome here jn Britain.

Graham Swindley


I am Mark a 55 year old Londoner and Englishman. I voted for Brexit but wanted to say I hope the Poles all stay here and freedom of movement between the UK and Poland continues.
I wanted to say also i am disgusted about the graffiti on the Polish Centre in
Hammersmith and anywhere else these idiots have done it.
Most people i know respect and admire the Polish people and nation. You have a great work ethic. Your people are clean and well educated and a credit to your country. Dont let a few idiots make you think we all think like they do.

M Pitts

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