Poland in the top 10 European countries for low cost flight destinations

Poland in the top 10 European countries for low cost flight destinations

The warm weather is not done yet and low cost airlines are making it easier than ever to explore Europe on a last minute trip at the end of the high season.

September and October are fast becoming a favourite time for Europeans to travel. The hoards of international travellers usually exit by then, leaving the cities, attractions, beaches and mountains free for the more off-peak traveller.

But it seems the most lucrative element of booking a last minute trip at this time is the special offers from low cost airlines. Travel search engine GoEuro has completed research on cheap flights in Europe and included the number of low cost airlines in Europe, where the most popular destinations are, how you can pick up the cheapest tickets and more.

According to the research there are 15 low cost airlines that function throughout Europe. These airlines can fly you to the likes of Berlin for under £13, Barcelona for under £35, Amsterdam for under £29 and Paris for under £27.

Some of the cheapest routes identified in the study show that you can travel between Brussels and Berlin with Ryanair for only £6, between Paris and London for only £24 with EasyJet, Frankfurt to Rome for £23 with airberlin and Dusseldorf and London from £30 with Eurowings.

When looking into the most popular destinations the low cost airlines fly to, the United Kingdom has 124 connecting flights, while Poland has 35 flights which connect the country with Europe. Spain with 180 flights, Italy with 175 flights and France with 164 flights are by far the most popular destinations low cost airlines fly to. For a full breakdown of the low cost airline and the number of destinations they fly to by country, see here.

Some of the more popular connections from the United Kingdom include Milan, Prague and Paris, while the popular connections in Poland include domestic flights such as Gdańsk to Krakow or Warsaw and flights to London.

Beyond destinations the research identifies some top tips for picking up the cheapest tickets and saving money on travel. These include booking three to six weeks in advance, being flexible with your destination options and avoiding baggage costs by packing light with carry on only. Another commonly unthought of tip is to pack your own food for the flight as low cost airlines traditionally do not serve refreshments on board.

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