$300,000 funding for devising a new interdisciplinary subject (IDS) to be taught at schools worldwide. The call for applications is still open

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$300,000 funding for devising a new interdisciplinary subject (IDS) to be taught at schools worldwide. The call for applications is still open

Holistic Think Tank, the international NGO gathering education experts, is still calling for applications for devising a new interdisciplinary subject (IDS). A new subject will be taught at schools worldwide and shall develop soft skills as well as to put the stress on the most important values leading each child to the holistic growth to become a strong individual in a harmonious society. Teams of experts and researchers from all over the world are invited to participate. 


“Our ongoing research indicates that, on balance, too many educational institutions worldwide tend to miseducate children and teenagers by using obsolete methods out of touch with 21st-century realities. Such inefficient methods include, among other things, learning by rote, forcing students to memorize hosts of isolated facts, and drawing clear separation lines between particular “subjects”. As a result, typical graduates finish their K-12 (or equivalent) education while still lacking many key competencies. Plainly, advanced as we are, our schools typically lack relevant and context-based curricula. Accordingly, without well-developed personal/academic skills the students face an uncertain future both in the job market and in the society at large” says Katarzyna Załęska, P.hD,, research lead at Holistic Think Tank. 

The new interdisciplinary subject (IDS) and an outline of the interdisciplinary curriculum are to address the above-mentioned topics and help students to develop, among other things, the key competencies. They are going to be a stage in the process of transforming the way young people are educated today. 

The financial grant should implement the IDS course in a practical programme and produce materials that will be instrumental in disseminating their pedagogical methods and research findings. The call is for solutions for introducing the Holistic Think Tank list of key competencies into the practical educational schooling path. The end product should be a syllabus: a complex description of an interdisciplinary academic course addressed to the primary schools that, to the extent practicable, follows our holistic, interdisciplinary principles.

Holistic Think Tank will make 3x awards of up to $100,000 USD each. The 6-8 months projects will be taken into consideration. Teams of researchers and educational experts from colleges, universities, research centers and NGOs worldwide are eligible to receive grants. The 1st Stage Application deadline is Nov, 30, 2021. 

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Holistic Think Tank ( is a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote a new way of thinking about education and provide schools with concrete systematic solutions.
Our growing team consists of experts focused on implementing changes in the realm of education. We analyze the latest achievements in science and educational practice, as well as, we conduct our empirical research on school environments. The results of our work will be introduced at an educational conference gathering the most outstanding researchers and educators (autumn 2022).
Holistic Think Tank was established as a project within the activities of the Fundacja Fiducia. The Foundation deals with broadly understood music education (Cavatina Hall, Cavatina Studio and research activities (Holistic Think Tank). The founder of the foundation is Grupa Cavatina.

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