Body leasing or outsourcing software services - how do these models differ, and which one is better for you?

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Body leasing or outsourcing software services - how do these models differ, and which one is better for you?


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Software development is a complex process requiring a joined effort of many skilled professionals. While software houses that specialize in delivering digital products need to hire developers, product managers, UX/UI designers, and other experts, the companies that decide to bring their product to the market do not always have such a team at their disposal. 

It doesn't mean that they need to carry out a lengthy recruitment process to access professionals with the required set of skills. That wouldn't be cost-efficient and logistically justified. In order to let them skip this stage, the software houses provide them with two options: outsourcing development services or body leasing. How do they differ?

Body leasing vs. outsourcing the development of software

Body leasing, sometimes called team extension as well, is a temporary service that allows companies to fill the gaps in their own internal team. It may turn out that they need additional skilled professionals, for example, Solidity developers, React Native engineers or data scientists, to bring the project to an end. Body leasing is available at any stage of the project - from the ideation phase to the implementation phase. In this model, the software house's external team becomes a part of the client's team, complementing it and adjusting to their work culture and project methodology. They work within already set timeframes, with the use of the available tools.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, usually makes the external development team in charge of the whole product development cycle. After launching cooperation, the software house becomes responsible for the results and delivers a ready-to-implement product. 

Which model will be better for you?

If you don't have any IT development team - even the smallest one - at your disposal, we obviously recommend going for outsourcing end-to-end software services. This way, you will save time and money on recruiting specialists with scarce skills. Plus, you don't have to worry about what's next - once the project is ready, you can part with the external development team. Note, however, that before launching such cooperation, your outsourcing partner should get well familiar with your business objectives.

If you have a development team already, body leasing may work better for you - you can provide its members with some time and space while making the most out of their potential. External support can help them focus on the tasks that are in their competencies and get more creative. Body leasing is also a perfect choice once the deadline is approaching and the product is far from being ready. Remember that to provide your team with the design and development software support, the team has to be able to access the data on the project, including all the technical documentation.

Both models of software services have their pros and cons - organize your priorities to see which one fits you better!

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