Body leasing or outsourcing software services - how do these models differ, and which one is better for you?

Software development is a complex process requiring a joined effort of many skilled professionals. While software houses that specialize in delivering digital products need to hire developers, product managers, UX/UI designers, and other experts,...

Holistic Think Tank

$300,000 funding for devising a new interdisciplinary subject (IDS) to be taught at schools worldwide. The call for applications is still open

Holistic Think Tank, the international NGO gathering education experts, is still calling for applications for devising a new interdisciplinary subject (IDS). A new subject will be taught at schools worldwide and shall develop soft skills as...

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Applying for a mortgage in the UK – All you need to know from a Mortgage Expert

Fot. Getty From keeping a good credit history to meeting lender's criteria, such as length of employment or source of deposit – getting a mortgage is a multi-step process that you should be familiar with before submitting your application....

1Pay The Exit Tax

Will I pay the exit tax when moving the company to the UK?

Starting this year, exit tax applies in Poland under the obligations imposed on Poland by the EU directive to those who move their business together with their assets outside the country.

British People In Poland

British citizens are encourage to attend Community Connect – series of meetings for UK nationals living in Poland

British citizens are invited for series of meetings which will provide information about UK nationals rights in Poland after Brexit. Meetings are free...


Lithuanians in the UK cheated by banks

If you pay or paid a monthly fee for your bank account, you may be able to reclaim all the fees paid for years. Banks mis-sold paid bank accounts specially...


How To Make Your Dropshipping Business A Success

There are lots of different types of online businesses but one of the most popular ones in recent years is dropshipping. This type of business is quite...


Is an Online Business Worth the Effort?

Most of us harbour dreams of success and this will often involve a certain amount of financial freedom. A handful of individuals will thereafter turn such...


UKGC Begins Reformation of Gaming Market and Licensing Practice

Late 2017 and beginning of 2018 was a turbulent period for the iGaming industry in Great Britain. Their main gaming regulator, the United Kingdom Gambling...


Do you have a Packaged Bank Account? See how you can get up to £ 4,500 back!

Every person which has a bank account can be charged with unused and unnecessary services, for which the bank charges fees. In this guide, you will learn...

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Here are 8 tricks, to help you fill your wallet with more cash. The last one breaks the bank - Literally!

Every day seemingly trivial amounts of money escape from our wallets and bank accounts. But have you ever considered how much these small amounts add up...

fot. and websites are now available in English!

From now on and are available in English! Check out these very popular Polish websites if you're looking for a job, an apartment...


Polish labour camps in the UK

Instead of the salary they were promised in the UK, they got fear, humiliation, and returned to Poland empty-handed. Also the worst thing was that the...


Poles live on benefits - myth busted! Poles contribute strongly to the British economy

British populist politicians have recently gained a lot from fuelling the hostility towards Poles and immigrants from other CEE countries. The hyped opposition...

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