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A Pole living in London says what to keep in mind when seeking British citizenship

Since the Brexit referendum more and more Poles living in the United Kingdom are considering a return to Poland – the situation that Polish government would certainly be happy to applaud. However the significant number of Poles is also considering...

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“What do Americans know about the Nazi death camps?

The amendment to the Act on the IPN sparked a huge worldwide debate about the Nazi death camps situated in Poland. It also raised questions about whether or not Poles were in any degree responsible for killing Jews during or after World War...


"I am one of those who, in life or in business, don’t give up easily!" Read about the problems of a Polish importer

When did you come to the UK? What have brought you here: personal matters or did you want to spread your wings in business?

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From now on you can read Polish Express in English and share it with your english-speaking friends!

It is from today that Polish Express is also available in English version - we want to be closer to ordinary British citizens and to open up to them. We care about the British who do not know the Polish language and therefore we want them to...


4 major steps that can help you succeed in business – part I

It is hard to do business successfully in times of fierce competition in almost any industry with an abundance of development ideas, yet… If you are determined...

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A new amazing spot – Krakow is the city like no other!

Krakow will be the host of the 41st Session of the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE COMMITTEE! Watch the promotional video and discover the beauty of Poland's former...


"Words matter" - Polish Embassy launches campaign against “Polish camps” [video]

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington DC has launched a campaign against using the term "Polish concentratiion camps". As part of the campaign...


Exclusively in Polish Express: Theresa May answers the questions asked by Poles living in the UK!

Last week British Prime Minister's Press Office asked Polish Express to prepare a few questions which Theresa May could answer before meeting with Polish...

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Show us your heart during Christmas - Join us and help homeless people!

Polish Express together with Sylwia Kmita are organising an action "Christmas bag for homeless". Join us and help poor people whom you come across in daily...


Poland in the top 10 European countries for low cost flight destinations

The warm weather is not done yet and low cost airlines are making it easier than ever to explore Europe on a last minute trip at the end of the high season.

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Warm words of encouragement - read a touching letter from a British citizen!

Here's another touching letter from the “Polish Express” reader. Read these beautiful words of encouragement and solidarity

How Brexit shattered Poles living in the UK. Polish mother responds to the moving letter from Brit Simon Crow

How Brexit shattered Poles living in the UK. Polish mother responds to the moving letter from Brit Simon Crow

Read the absolutely amazing letter from Polish mother - a response to the moving letter from Brit Simon Crow. The majority of Poles, who have been living...

Scurrilous article in "The Sun" slandering Poles. Struggle for Brexit?

Scurrilous article in "The Sun" slandering Poles. Struggle for Brexit?

Britain's biggest tabloid insinuates that our guide, encourages Poles to come to Britain in order to use the wide range of benefits, not to work. "The...

President Duda pardons Kamiński

President Duda pardons Kamiński

President Andrzej Duda has pardened the former head of the anticorruption agency, Mariusz Kamiński.

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