Do you have a Packaged Bank Account? See how you can get up to £ 4,500 back!

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Do you have a Packaged Bank Account? See how you can get up to £ 4,500 back!

Every person which has a bank account can be charged with unused and unnecessary services, for which the bank charges fees. In this guide, you will learn how to save on accounts of Packaged Bank Account type. The whole procedure, though it may last a while and be time-consuming, is cost-effective as it can save up you to £ 3,000!


What is a Packaged Bank Account (PBA)

It is an account for which you pay a monthly fee, and in return you receive additional benefits such as car, phone or health insurance during your vacation. If such an account has been chosen by you, because you had given it some thought and decided you needed one, it is probably the best choice. However, many of these accounts are sold or even "forced onto" by telemarketers and other peddlers.

If you do not need any of the above insurance, you do not need the PBA. If you need insurance, your choice is a matter of calculating its price. You should not think in a category that £ 15 a month is cheap, you must consider that it is £ 180 a year. Always compare insurance prices this way.

If you come to the conclusion that your PBA is really unnecessary, then liquidate it immediately.

Has the account been "forced" on me?

At the time of the purchase of PBA, you need to pay attention to what has or what has not been said. The bank is obliged to make sure that the insurance is suitable for the client and that he needs it. There are a whole lot of cases in which telemarketers do not tell customers the whole truth or even lie and intentionally mislead them.

Many customers have heard from sellers that insurance is needed to take a mortgage. Others have heard that they are too old for standard travel insurance; there have also been cases where customers were told that having a PBA account offered is a privilege from the bank. These and other cases in which your account was sold by omitting certain important details should be reported to the bank. It is a solid basis for making claims to the bank and recovering your money.

"You can count many cases where the seller stretched the truth a bit and sold the PBA account to a customer who was not fully aware of the fact. We hear from people who have not heard the exact price of the account from the seller, or who have not been told that the phone needs to be registered upon insuring, because otherwise, insurance will not be recognized in the event of theft. The record sums that we have recovered with compensation are in the range of 3500 - 4500 pounds," says Tomasz Kowalczyk from Omni Claims.

What next?

If your account has been sold in not entirely clear circumstances, all fees arising from your PBA should be returned by the bank. The calculation is very simple because if someone holds an account for which they pay £ 15 a month, they should receive £ 360 plus interest.

However, when fighting for your money, you have to prepare for various obstacles and roadblocks thrown your way by the bank. In such cases, to avoid unnecessary stress, you can turn to a company like Omni Claim, which deals with conflicts between the bank and the customer. Firms such as Omni Claim charge a commission on the amount of money received from the bank on a no win no fee basis.



Omni Claim is one of the top of companies fighting for the rights of bank customers. Get a refund of all your bank fees by ringing 0203 7405160 or by visiting

Omni Claim Limited is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator and is proud to belong to the Trusted Company Program.

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