Here are 8 tricks, to help you fill your wallet with more cash. The last one breaks the bank - Literally!

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Here are 8 tricks, to help you fill your wallet with more cash. The last one breaks the bank - Literally!


Every day seemingly trivial amounts of money escape from our wallets and bank accounts. But have you ever considered how much these small amounts add up to over the course of a year?

You could potentially save thousands of pounds by making smart choices and small changes!

Here is our list of top saving ideas to help you save money and live better:


1. Don’t order takeout

If you are a busy person, think about the fact that a lot of your hard-earned money is spent eating away from home - often in the form of a takeout. Even if you order dinner from a relatively inexpensive restaurant, if you do this on a daily basis this adds up to considerable amount of money. On the other hand, preparing meals at home allows you to save money and eat healthier

Scale of savings per year: £1,937.00


2. Limit alcohol consumption

According to the latest survey, the average British household spends about £15 a week on alcohol. Although it doesn’t sound like much, this adds up to £60 per month.

By reducing your alcohol intake, you can not only save money, but also reap health benefits.

Scale of savings per year: £720.00


3. Opt-out of TV subscription

Think about whether you really need to watch live TV and whether you could actually do without it? The fee for a TV license is £145.50 a year. Why not cancel the license and watch your favourite shows online and on Catch-up TV for free!?

Scale of savings per year: £145.50


4. Use discount vouchers

Discount sites like Groupon, Wowcher and Voucher Codes are very popular among the thrifty. These sites will help you reduce your expenses by providing discount codes and vouchers on common household goods and activities, such as groceries, cinema tickets, and even a dinner for two.

Scale of savings per year: Up to £3000


5. Sell your old phone

Most of us upgrade our phones frequently and relegate our old models to the confines of a bedroom drawer with other unnecessary things. Turn your old phone into hard cash by selling it to one of the many online and high street companies which buy old phones – they will even buy phones that no longer work!

Scale of savings per year: £50


6. Exchange books

Do you like to spend time with a book? Remember that instead of buying new ones, you can exchange them through portals such as Read It Swap It, or alternatively just use your local library for free!

Scale of savings per year: £97.50


7. Think about changing the power supplier

Usually, energy bills give us a headache [KZ1] – you can reduce them by comparing and switching providers. It’s definitely worth visiting some of the leading energy switching websites to see how much you can save by changing energy suppliers.

Scale of savings per year: £400


8. Get your money back from the bank

Are you paying a monthly fee to keep your Bank account open? Many customers have been misled into paying for an account which should be free. If you have ever paid to have your bank account then you are likely to be able to recover all of the fees you’ve paid during the lifetime of your account – plus interest and compensation! You could literally receive a cheque in the post for thousands of pounds!

Scale of savings per year: £1,000 - £4,500




Omni Claim is one of the top of companies fighting for the rights of bank customers. Get a refund of all your bank fees by ringing 0203 7405160 or by visiting

Omni Claim Limited is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator and is proud to belong to the Trusted Company Program.

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