Is it worth investing in Spa software?

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Is it worth investing in Spa software?


When it comes to running and managing a spa, most already have their own methods for getting things done - from appointment booking to gathering statistics, keeping client record cards, and managing inventory levels. But with the rise of new technologies and solutions for streamlining work at beauty businesses and spas, owners are beginning to ask the question, “is it worth investing in such systems?”

What can you expect

Most beauty businesses and spas are run with the help of a trusty notebook, which is easily accessible but has many flaws. Imagine having all of your appointments, client records and any important notes in a paper notebook, which you either lost, or spilled coffee all over. Not only do you lose most of your work, you need to reconfirm everyone’s appointments. Ouch. With the help of spa software, all of your data is stored digitally in one location, which you can access with any device that connects to the internet - customer appointments, client records and notes are all available with just the click of a button.

Managing customer records

Keeping customer records well organized is essential for any business to function effectively. If needed, customer data should be easily and conveniently accessible. With paper customer record cards, quickly finding a specific client’s can be time consuming, which is where spa software comes in - easily look up a specific customer by simply looking up their name, phone number or email, saving the staff a significant amount of time. Additionally, each individual’s record has extra sections, perfect for storing notes, addresses associated to that customer, along with their favorite services, products, appointment history, age, gender, and any necessary files and before & after pictures. In other words, outdating the paper notebook by a long shot.

Advanced tools for marketing

When the word “marketing” comes to mind, many beauty and spa businesses still resort to archaic means of creating promotional campaigns, such as posting their latest product, service or discount on social media pages, which is a good start, but is very limiting. Customers that regularly follow your page will see your latest posts, but most won’t, as they may get buried by other posts, as a result limiting your outreach. Others even hire marketing specialists to help with campaigns, which can can get very expensive.

Spa software is especially advantageous in the case of marketing, as it not only replaces a marketing specialist, but also gives you the reigns to creating your own campaigns. So what exactly can you expect to see from the best software for spas?

Only the best systems come equipped with features such as a built in loyalty program or advanced tools for communication . Take for example referrals: you’d like for loyal clients to spread the word about your business, but simply asking them isn’t enough for them to act. Instead, reward customers for their referrals - with the help of your loyalty program, award them points which they can use to choose prizes at your salon. This form of encouragement is the perfect way to keeping new customers coming through your salon door, while giving customers a great opportunity for earning some awesome prizes. Besides the loyalty program module, spa staff have the option of creating marketing campaigns aimed directly at their customers. From promoting a new product, service or offer, to sending invitations for an upcoming event, this information will reach them thanks to the spa software’s newsletter option. This message comes in the form of a text or email message, which can be sent to a select group of customers based on predefined criteria, such as gender, age, recently purchased products/services. Now your marketing campaigns will hit the bullseye!

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