Is the United Kingdom Still a Great Place to Invest?

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Is the United Kingdom Still a Great Place to Invest?


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The UK gave the world the industrial revolution and exported the capitalist model that’s used in almost every country. It was once described as a “nation of shopkeepers”, a term intended as an insult but one very much embraced by the entrepreneurial Brits.

An ingenious bunch, Britons have invented all sorts of things that we take for granted today. Sir Tim Berners-Lee is credited with developing the World Wide Web that has completely revolutionised our lives. Before that, Peter Durand invented the tin can as a way to preserve food, while Sir James Dewar developed the vacuum that we use to keep our hot drinks warm while it’s cold outside. 

The hovercraft, jet engine, steam train, chocolate bar, fire extinguisher, Catseye, and ATM also all came from the UK too. These inventions and the huge financial industry that developed within the City of London all helped to make Britain one of the best places to invest and do business. 

For centuries, Poles have seen this and come to the UK to both benefit from and contribute to this entrepreneurial society. This collaboration continues today, with initiatives between the governments of the two countries hosting joint events to promote trade partnerships. 

But in 2021 and beyond, is the UK still an attractive prospect?


Growth Sectors

All this stability doesn’t mean the UK market is slow and boring. There are still a lot of exciting things going on in the British economy as its stability and business-friendly regulatory environment make it a favourable place to found a startup. 

Over the last few decades, the UK has become home to many of the world’s biggest iGaming companies who have developed online casino games and other betting products for both the domestic and international markets. Strong competition in the market has kept these companies on their toes, leading them to create a huge array of new and exclusive titles like 3 Witches, The Bird House, and Blitz Joker to keep their offerings fresh. 

Other industries that have thrived in the UK in recent years have included fintech, with brands like Curve, Chip, Starling, and Moneybox all basing themselves in and around the British capital; audiobook publishing; and food delivery platforms. 


Investing is not a one-size-fits-all process. Some investors want huge returns, so to achieve that, they’re happy to accept larger risks to their capital. Others are more conservative and prefer their capital be preserved (or at least exposed to fewer risks) and are, therefore, happy to accept lower returns to get that. 

The United Kingdom is one of the oldest and most regulatory stable countries in the world. The Acts of Union came into force in 1707 and the country has existed in its current form since 1922 after what is now the Republic of Ireland was ceded. 

The country’s stock market, the London Stock Exchange, and the bluechip index, the FTSE 100 contain some of the world’s oldest companies including Royal Mail, Marks & Spencer, and Barclays. Regulations also don’t change quickly in the UK. Although new laws are passed each year, entire industries won’t be outlawed overnight like they are in some other countries. 

For investors looking for stability, these factors still make the UK an attractive proposition. 

Future Prospects

In the last couple of weeks, the British government has announced plans to improve the country’s environmental position. One of these will see homeowners encouraged to install heat pumps to replace gas boilers, with £5,000 grants to sweeten the deal. 

The green industries are likely to become big business in the UK as the need to stem climate change becomes even more urgent. This could be one of the many areas where investing in Blighty may be an attractive prospect for those that want a balance between stability and growth. 

And although the regulatory framework that governs the UK is currently more likely to change in the near future than at any time in recent history, on balance, Britain is still a great place to do business. 


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