Not all financial institutions should be trusted, but Omni Finances should!

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Not all financial institutions should be trusted, but Omni Finances should!

What bank clients complain most often about are well-hidden charges, small print on their forms, thousands of incomprehensible words on the documents they are given to sign...  It is hard to know your way around in the tangle of vague bank provisions. Do you understand each and every word on the forms you are given to sign when you come to a bank to take a loan or run a minor banking errand?

Can bank terms and conditions be simple at all? Most bank clients, often Poles living in the UK, can find it difficult to understand the language used by British banks. Fortunately, there are firms that have for many years earned exceptional confidence among their clients. 


Do you run your own business? Get the Trusted Company (UK) certificate!

Omni Finance has for many years helped recover monies unduly charged by British banks from the Polish community – and others – in the UK. Omni Finances is the only company dealing with the recovery of fees charged unfairly by banks to be positively verified as a Trusted Company. Dariusz Polak, Managing Director at Omni Finances attributes its success in the professional approach of the whole advisory team employed at Omni Finances.



When asked why the Polish chose to trust this particular company to conduct their most complicated banking transactions, including reclaim of unlawfully taken funds, managed by professionals, Dariusz Polak says: "We are people of the same kind our clients are. We can understand how hard it is to individually fight against the banking machine, and therefore we put great emphasis on our client’s trust. It is our mission to help those who have been cheated by banking institutions in the UK. The clients of Omni Finances are granted fair treatment right away – we ensure that all our clients have full knowledge of the stage of their cases.


We make every effort to cut all the procedures down to an absolute minimum. And we involve our clients only when necessary. Thanks to our refined strategy the entire process is usually closed within 12-16 weeks of the moment we have completed client documentation". When asked about the benefits of their cooperation with Omni Finances, clients also emphasise that Omni is the only company on the market that can be trusted, as the Trusted Company certificate has a great significance on the British market. "Polish Express" asked Grzegorz about his opinion about the way Omni Finances dealt with his case, and he replied:

"My case was seen to very quickly; thanks to the intervention of the Omni Finances lawyers, my bank did not protest or delay anything, and cooperated promptly instead. So, I recovered a pretty sum. My communications with Omni Claim were smooth and friendly, and their emails kept me informed about the stages my case was proceeding through.

I’d like to add that you should not compromise with any bank. I simply ignored the phone calls from my bank. I can truly recommend Omni Claim as it is really trustworthy". And Dariusz Polak adds: "It is worthwhile to undergo the Trusted Company procedure – once you are positively verified, your clients are assured they can be confident about their transactions as the company has no debt, no court orders, and most importantly serves its clients with diligence and respect.” 

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