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Polish Celebrities with Hidden Talents

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Everybody has their secrets and celebrities are no exception. For instance, did you know that Pierce Brosnan is a fire eater? And Angelina Jolie has a pilot's license? And apparently, Steve Carell is an exceptionally gifted ice hockey player who once considered turning pro? Brad Pitt too has his secret life, and apparently the A-lister loves to play Blackjack and even online slots which are growing in popularity with a variety of casino offers for virtual users. There's also a wealth of Polish celebrities with talents not everybody knows about. Some are secret pianists; others are fantastic at sport, and some are seriously competitive when it comes to casinos. Here we've listed a handful of Polish stars with more talent than they could possibly know what to do with. 

Eugeniusz Bodo

Regarded by many as the first-ever Polish celebrity, Eugeniusz Bodo mastered just about everything he put his hand to. While he is best known as one of Poland's most popular actors and film directors, Bodo was also an icon of Polish musical comedy as well as a highly successful entrepreneur during the 1930s. As if that wasn't enough, Bodo's writing also won numerous awards as did his production company. Bodo remains a true Polish icon whose movies are still loved to this day. 

Piotr Gruszka 

Born in Oświęcim, Piotr Gruszka is one of Poland's most famous volleyball players. Gruszka was part of the Polish national team that won a silver medal at the 2006 World Championship. He was also one of the most valuable players in the Polish team of 2009 who won a gold medal at the European Championships, going onto be named the team's most valuable player. But what some don't know about Gruszka is his dancing skills. In 2014, he took part in season 14 of the Polish version of Dancing with the Stars eventually being voted out as the eighth couple alongside pro-dancer, Nina Tyrka, taking home fifth place. 

Wiktor Malinowski 

Wiktor Malinowski has had quite the life of success for a man of just 27-years-old. Starting out as a professional handball player, Malinowski then turned his attention towards poker. Initially learning the game from 'lowest stakes possible games’ before becoming a regular at mid to high level stakes games under the fear-free alias Limitless. While he started out just playing for fun, Malinowski actually got so good at poker that nowadays he plays full time. In 2018, he won the World Championship of Online Poker $25K High Roller Turbo, winning $726,000 in the process and that was just the beginning. In 2021, he won the first-place prize of $3,690,000 at the Super High Roller Bowl Europe becoming No. 2 on Poland's all-time money list. Not too shabby eh. 

Lukas Podolski 

Despite playing for Germany at international level, Lukas Podolski is one of the greatest Polish footballers in history. Podolski, nicknamed Prinz Poldi, was a key element of the German squad in seven international tournaments, like the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which he won with his national team. If that's not enough, Podolski owns the third place as a captain in German history and he's the third-highest goal scorer in the team's history with 49 goals to his name. While Podolski will go down in the history books as one of Poland's greatest sporting sons, many don't know about Podolski's side hustles. Prinz Poldi is also quite the successful businessman with a kebab shop and ice cream parlor in Cologne. Who would've thought? 

Joanna Krupa 

And finally, we have Joanna Krupa. The Polish-born American model who is not only known for her work as an A-list model, but also as the host and head judge of Polish Top Model and for her appearances on TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars and The Real Housewives of Miami. Krupa has been voted as one of the world's most beautiful women on numerous occasions but aside from modelling, one of her biggest passions on the side is animal rights. Krupa is extremely impassioned with the safety and protection of our furry friends. She has starred in numerous campaigns for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and also founded an animal rescue group, Angels For Animal Rescue, with her friend Gabi Gutierrez. 

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