Swedish Blogger: 55 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Poland at Least Once

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Swedish Blogger: 55 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Poland at Least Once

Alex Waltner professional travel blogger and photographer from Sweden write an article about Poland. "Swedish Nomad" praise this country, as one of the most amazing place that our planet has to offer! Check his 55 reasons to visit Poland!

Do you want to visit Poland? It’s a destination that’s becoming more and more popular among tourists, and after I had traveled around the country for 1 month, I totally understand why. Poland is awesome in so many ways, and there are lots of beautiful places without massive hordes of tourists, and the people are fun and lovely.

Poland is a big country, so to make it easier for you to plan a trip and know where to go, I’ve made this list of 55 reasons why I think everyone should visit Poland at least once in their life!

1. Polish food

If you travel for food, you’ll be happy to visit Poland. There are countless of delicious dishes available, and restaurants have reasonable prices. Portions are often large as well, so you won’t go hungry. Below you can see some of the famous Polish dishes you should try:

Placki ziemniaczane
Zupa pomidorowa

2. Krakow

This charming city is the perfect weekend destination in Europe. There are various of attractions scattered just a short ride from the city, and within the city itself, there are plenty of things to do and places to see! And it’s so beautiful with all the old buildings and quarters!

3. Bialowieza Forest

Part of the Unesco heritage site list, and home to about 800 European bisons as well as being the last remaining primeval forests and home to 500-year old oak trees. It’s a lush forest that any nature lover should write down on their list of places to explore!

4. Gdansk

This town became quite famous in Sweden a couple of years ago when Ryanair offered flights from just 2 Euros, and after visiting I also agree that this is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. Rich in history, close to the sea, nice restaurants, and beautiful old buildings. Gdansk is definitely a good reason to visit Poland!

5. Polish girls are known for being beautiful

Polish girls are known for their beauty worldwide, and they’re always on top of lists with the most attractive people in the world.

6. Paczki

Polish donuts are definitely another good reason to visit Poland as they’re simply delicious.

7. Spa

Want to pamper yourself with some nice spa-treatments? Then you definitely have a good reason to visit Poland! Treatments are of high-quality and reasonably priced. There are various facilities and almost every city has a great Spa you can go to.

8. Polish vodka

While Russia is famed for vodka worldwide, Polish vodka is just as good or even better in some cases. It’s also very cheap compared to other countries in Europe. So, when you visit you should definitely follow along on a vodka-tasting tour.

9. Torun

This charming medieval town is situated in the middle of the country. It’s famous as the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus, and it’s also a Unesco Heritage site. Torun is often nicknamed the Krakow of the North as it has been an important trade center since medieval times.

10. Warsaw

The capital of Poland is a beautiful and modern city with lots of charming and cool places to see. The Palace of Culture and Science is especially beautiful and also the tallest building in the country. In Warsaw, you can enjoy some of the best nightlife scenes in Europe, eat at first-class restaurants, go shopping for hours, visit the cool artsy metro stations or just take a nice stroll in the old town. Visiting Warsaw is always a good idea, even though Poland has a lot of other beautiful places to experience as well!

11. Ojcow National Park

A perfect place to go for a day trip from Krakow. It’s a small national park that is characterized by rock formations and limestone cliffs.

12. Sliwka w czekoladzie

This type of candy shouldn’t be missed out on when you visit Poland! Sliwka w czekoladzie is basically plum covered in chocolate, and they’re delicious!

13. Wieliczka Salt Mine

One of the oldest salt mines in the world, and definitely one of the coolest ones!

14. Polish desserts and pastries

If you have a sweet tooth, the polish desserts and pastries are yet another good reason to visit Poland!

Sernik (Cheesecake)

15. Slowinski Sand Dunes

Welcome to the desert of Poland!

16. St. Paraskevi Church, Radruż

One of the Polish UNESCO heritage sites. This is a particular church that is situated in the village of Radruz in the Carpathian region. What’s cool about it is the unique architecture and wooden structure.

17. Musical heritage

Did you know that Frederic Chopin was Polish? He and many more composers, pianists and musicians come from Poland. Nowadays you will find almost any genre and each year various music festivals are held throughout the country.

18. Kamieńczyk Waterfall

A beautiful waterfall in the Southwestern part of the country.

19. Masurian Lakeland

With more than 2000 lakes in the region of Masuria, the nature lover will find a peaceful place here.

20. Rich history

Poland is an old nation that goes way back in time, and it has been part of various rulers and eras. While not everything is intact, you can definitely see the various influences of the different epochs. A lot of the rich history can still be seen and experiences today in museums and old towns throughout the country.

21. Ptasie Mleczko

22. Malbork Castle

A very well-preserved castle that belonged to the Teutonic Order in Malbork. It’s also one of the Unesco heritage sites and yet another good reason to visit Poland! Just look at this enormous castle, not something you get to see every day.

23. Autumn colors

Forests and nature cover a big area of the country, and when the summer is over and the foliage season starts with the amazing colors, you’ll be met by wonderful scenery and landscapes!

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